Student Grades & Attendance

Image: Report CardFamily Link System

Parents and gaurdians can check student grades, attendance, and homework using the online program Schoolmaster. To access the Family Link system, please click here.

Questions? Contact a member of the High School Faculty

Important 2017-2018 Semester Dates

Middle/High School First Semester

First Quarter: September 5-November 2

Parent-Guardian/Teacher Conferences: November 17

Second Quarter: November 6-January 11

Middle/High School Second Semester

Third Quarter: January 16-March 22

Parent-Guardian/Teacher Conferences: April 6

Fourth Quarter: April 2-June 7

Dates of Note

First Day of School: September 5th

Graduation: June 1st

Last Day of School: June 7th

Condon Schools Yearly Calendar (2017-2018)